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Does your loved one need help with their day-to-day lives? PAY-A-VISIT offers companion care and wellness checks to help your aging loved ones stay happy and independent. We offer weekly or bi-weekly visits where we can complete safety inspections, help with chores, or simply offer company. We also offer services for anyone who needs extra help: recovering after surgery, a new baby, or just wanting a friendly visit on a regular schedule.


WE’RE THE NEXT BEST THING TO FAMILY!  Our business was started out of our own need to have someone check in on our own parents when we couldn’t be there.  When we were unable to find an affordable solution to our dilemma, we started PAY-A-VISIT! Now we help others across Colorado Springs.  We also visit in nursing homes!  CALL US FOR A FREE VISIT!

Our Services

Wellness Checks

We offer wellness and safety checks in Colorado Springs. We make sure that there are no safety hazards in the home, inspect fire and CO2 detectors, and make minor repairs like changing light bulbs or batteries. We also check on the emotional well-being of your loved one. 

Regular Visits

Sometimes company is the best medicine. If your loved one lives independently, is in a nursing home, or perhaps is recovering from surgery, we can set up a regular visitation schedule to keep them company. We want to end loneliness one visit at a time!

In-Home Assistance

We provide home care for seniors, elderly parents, or new mothers who need a helping hand. We can help with light housework, household chores, shoveling walkways in the winter, and more. We also visit during this time, and make sure your loved one feels valued and appreciated.

How it Works

Home Care is a great solution when you have elderly parents who live alone, or a senior friend who is alone for long periods of time during the week. At PAY-A-VISIT, we set up an in-person or phone consultation to discuss your goals and your loved one's needs. Then, we come up with a regular schedule where Heidi comes and visits (along with performing safety checks and helping with light household work).

Heidi is a certified-care giver in Colorado Springs, and is available to travel within El Paso County. However, PAY-A-VISIT does not provide medical care or administration of medications. To contact Heidi for a free consultation, click the button below.

Meet Heidi McCarville

Heidi McCarville started PAY-A-VISIT when she could not find affordable senior care for her parents, who were living in another state. She wanted to provide Colorado Springs with a solution to her problem, and visit those who needed extra help and a friendly face.


Her mission is to end loneliness in the senior community, and give an additional way for friends and family to visit with and check on their loved ones.

Schedule an Appointment

PAY-A-VISIT offers free consultations for anyone looking for in-home care for seniors, parents, or friends. Fill out the form below or give Heidi a call to schedule a time to talk about what you're looking for. We service all of Colorado Springs and El Paso County, and visit people in their homes, nursing homes, rehab, and more. Contact us today!

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