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Heidi McCarville, Certified Care Giver

When I moved to Colorado Springs many years ago, I had to leave my parents in their home in California. As they were aging and facing some health problems, I wished that there was someone who could care for them and make sure they were okay, just as I would if I were still there. I began looking for affordable senior care, but the only solutions I found were incredibly expensive and required a large minimum of time per week. 

That's why I started PAY-A-VISIT - to create a solution to my own problem: finding inexpensive in-home assistance to the elderly who perhaps didn't have family around, or needed extra help to live independently in their own homes. 


Now, I'm a certified care-giver in Colorado Springs, and I love every moment of it. If you are looking for someone who will treat your loved ones like family, call me. I'd love to meet you and your family, and come up with a plan that keeps everyone happy and healthy.

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Ending Loneliness One Visit at a Time

Our mission at PAY-A-VISIT is to not only provide affordable in-home care to seniors and families in Colorado Springs, but to chip away at the epidemic of loneliness in an age where people feel more alone than ever. 

Studies have shown that loneliness is twice as dangerous as obesity, and has even been likened to the adverse health effects of smoking. When people live alone, they often become victims of this feeling, especially the elderly.

At PAY-A-VISIT, we hope to end that loneliness one visit at a time. We provide a range of services where we provide companionship, assistance with every day chores, and safety checks for your loved ones that live alone and want to stay independent. We are the solution to busy lives and out-of-state families. That's why we say, "We're the Next Best Thing to Family."

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